First Division ’Around the World’ Savanna(Dézi)

D.O.B: 12.05.2018


Sire: Ajax

Dam: Es Eleonora Tatranská Afrika

height: 62cm, weight: 35kg

Health tests:

HD: B, ED: Free, OCD: free

JME: N/A Carrier, DM: N/A Carrier



1x best minor puppy

3x very promising puppy

2x best junior

2x CAC



She is a well-balanced dog with a very stable nervous system, who turns to all living things with great confidence. She’s very patient with children, really adores them. Dézi is a very curious dog. She is a full family member who throws herself into everything with great enthusiasm. She’s very socialized, and we’ve been attending dog school regularly since Dézi was a few months old. We also took the obedient exam last year.