rodéziai ridgeback

My name is Peter Bede, the owner of Bloom of May-Fly kennel.

Szolnok, the city where I was born and I currently live with my family is also known for blooming of may-fly, which happens on river Tisza in every June.

My wife and I have always been dog lovers. We owned several dogs separately before we met, but in 2018 was the first time when we could choose our first family dog, as we moved in a detached house.

We were thinking for a long time before we decided to choose the rhodesian ridgeback as our family dog.

Among other things, the future family member had to be able to tolerate children very well, because our daughter was 6 years old at that time.

We browsed dog guides a lot and started visiting dog shows to get a closer look at each breed.

In the end, we voted for the rhodesian ridgeback, and the same time we decided to start the breeding as well. We were fascinated by the beautiful and dignified appearance of the breed, the speciality of the ridge. It was described as very intelligent and with a calm temperament who tolerates children well.

We were eager to get to know the ridgebacks more closely.

So we contacted Mónika Perecz, she was the first who started breeding rhodesian ridgebacks in Hungary. With the help of Mónika we found Glória Szilágyi, owner of the First Division kennel.

During the visit of the litter, Dézi chose us almost immediately. While the other puppies played around the garden, she curiously came to us and lay down at my wife’s feet. In that very moment it was decided Dézi was going to be our dog.

Over the past few years, we’ve realized that Dézi and our family are perfect for each other. She tolerates every “bully” from our little girl without sobbing. She adores people, and approaches everyone with great confidence and friendship. She’s perfectly fitted into our family.

I am regularly attending dog school with Dézi, since she was 3 months old, as I think it is very important that Dézi becomes a disciplined and highly socialized dog.

Since then, we have passed the obedient exam. This is very rare for this breed, as ridgebacks beside being a very intelligent ones, they are a bit stubborn. They are not classic work dogs.

We also tasted the world of dogs shows, but we decided that although participation in such exhibitions and dog training are not mutually exclusive, we rather focus on dog school trainings. The reason for our decision was that the majority of people are looking for a family dog/companion.

We believe that a good breeder not only chases a lot of titles, but also tries to raise dogs that are confident and calm in all situations during everyday life.