Rhodesian ridgeback

Character of rhodesian ridgeback

Rhodesian ridgebacks are very intelligent, well-conceived, easy-to-teach family-friendly dogs ​​who cannot tolerate rough treatment. They will do anything for the love of their owners, but they will resist even the simplest command if it is not in the right tone.

They are very strongly attached to their owner and their family. Accordingly, it must be nurtured with much empathy and love. They are ready to cooperate, very curious, and are excellent for training. On the other hand, ridgebacks like to think about what they do, which is why many call them stubborn.

Blind obedience is not for these kind of dogs, so in their teaching we must find out what can motivate them.

Rhodesian ridgebacks are quite hyperactive as a puppy. Therefore, a lot of patience is needed, but harsh treatment must be avoided in every situation. Ridgebacks are only mature by the age of 2-3. If we have been consistent so far, in return we will get a great companion and a trouble-free family-friendly dog, ​​who will earn everyone’s love with their tenacity and reliability.


It is definitely worth mentioning their legendary good relationship with children.

From whom they tolerate almost everything, and if they possibly exaggerate the poking, they still try to hide in a quiet place, this means that they must left alone. At the same time, it is absolutely necessary that children, under parental supervision learn the correct treatment of the dog as soon as possible.

Of course ridgebacks love nature. They prefer long forest walks and trips. This is when their dormant instincts wake up and they are able to watch and scan like a wild animal.

Their most ideal home is in a family where they can be a full member of everyday life. This is when their complex personality can unfold perfectly.

With these traits in mind, a good breeder will try to get the most out of these truly family-friendly dogs ​​when planning the future litter.